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January Morning at Ban Chom Ong
January Morning at Ban Chom Ong
Ban Chom Ong is a Khmu village situated approximately 45 km form Muang Xay, the capital of Oudomxay Province. The village comprises 114 households with over 800 people. Remote and with poor road conditions, people are suffering from reduced living standards, including limited income opportunities and difficult access to markets and health care facilities. Subsistence agriculture predominates in the area. The common production method is shifting cultivation (slash and burn). Until recently the only source of drinking water and water supply for the village in general was a small river passing the village. In 2008/09 drinking water supply and sanitation facilities were constructured supported by the German Schmitz-Foundation.

Early morning at Ban Chom Ong
Early morning at Ban Chom Ong
The village is famous for its caves. The Chom Ong Cave system consists of several major caves. The whole system sums up to 11,4 km length with high domes of up to 35m. The cave also holds some very impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites; often, vast glittering parts, can be admired. The lower part of the cave system has a small river running through it. This section is very humid with big stalactites. Parts of the system overlays each other and several times end 10 to 15 metres above the river.

You can visit Ban Chom Ong including the caves and a homestay on our ecotourism trekking tours!

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